Tim Richmond - Love Bites

Loose Joints

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Richmond’s elegiac, sombre ode to a coastal stretch of the Bristol Channel poetically weaves together lives hit by decades of austerity, food poverty and isolation.

Along this twenty-mile stretch of one of the world's longest coastal mudflats, Richmond’s Love Bites encounters those attempting to find meaning and pleasure within an unforgiving environment. Beneath everyday photographs of food banks, punks, pleasure arcades, swingers’ clubs, shelters and new-build houses, Love Bites finds a waning unease to his subjects, a listless microcosm of post-austerity, post-Brexit Britain. Richmond allows these tensions to simmer on the surface: food poverty, isolation, commercial decline, housing precarity, homelessness, unfulfilled desire and longing mingle in the overcast, wide skies of the channel and its flat, sprawling coastline.

  • 136pp, 280 × 220 mm
  • 84 photos
  • Faux-leather silkscreened hardcover