A New Nothing - No. 1

Sleeper Studio

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For No. 1, editor John Pilson focuses on a diverse and compelling group of portraits. With a nod to John Szarkowski’s Looking At Photographs, he writes specifically about each image chosen, striking a tone that is at once humorous, poignant and surprising. Pilson’s ability to weave together philosophical, art historical and pop cultural references into a series of cogent yet improvisational texts is deeply humanizing. As he states in his introduction, each pairing is “a writer in a duet with a photograph”, an attempt to find something that resonates as opposed to something “that merely explains or dissects.”
Photographs by Aaron Turner, Sara J. Winston, Patrick Gookin, Katie Kline, Jordan Weitzman, Nat Ward, Matthew Cronin, elin o’Hara slavick, Tealia Ellis Ritter, Matthew Leifheit, Eleonora Agostini, Thalassa Raasch, Joey Solomon, Lacey Lennon, Laura Hart Newlon, Ben Alper, Mark Steinmetz, Elizabeth Bick, Irina Rozovsky, Adam Bellefeuil, Jenia Fridlyand, Margo Ovcharenko, Joe Leavenworth, Dylan Hausthor, Roger Richardson, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, Jonathan Pivovar, Aline Smithson and Naima Green.