A New Nothing - No. 3

Sleeper Studio

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For No. 3, editor S*an D. Henry-Smith takes a slightly different approach from their predecessors. Relying on chronology to sequence a dynamic group of 38 images, and pulling singular images, pairs and triptychs from an array of conversations, Henry-Smith has created a poetic meditation on relational exchange and the harmonies, dissonances and mysteries that are inherent in photographic conversations. They also raise questions about the act of spectatorship that A New Nothing forces every viewer to contend with - what does it mean to watch private exchanges playing out in public? This duality between intimacy and voyeurism that Henry-Smith writes about is echoed in their sequence, albeit at one further remove, resulting in a thought-provoking reflection on the malleability of images and the subjective ways that we give them meaning.

Photographs by Katie Kline, Ariel Goldberg, Yola Monakhov Stockton, Kai McBride, Patrice Helmar, Jesse Wakeman, Alex Catt, Richard Higginbottom, Paul Anthony Smith, Peng Ke, Emile Askey, Aaron Turner, Ryan Arthurs, Sophie Tianxin Chen, Bryson Rand, Lexi Brown, Alex Nelson, Tony Chirinos, Dennis Santella, Jordan Weitzman, Dannielle Bowman, Chester Toye, Daniel Rampulla, Justin Raul Baez, Roger Richardson, Danny Sadiel Peña, S*an D. Henry-Smith, Lacey Lennon, Genesis Baez, Benjamin Berry, Naima Green, Zhidong Zhang, Boway Young, Ahndraya Parlato and Melissa Catanese.

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