Dontrius Williams - Product of the Block

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This collection of work focuses on highlighting some amazing artists and creators in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area. The real movers and shakers of the city who deserve more recognition. The effects of the pandemic and adjustments to a new way of living are seen throughout the work. All images made with a large format Speed Graphic 4x5 film camera using CatLABS and Kodak film.

The inspiration for the Product of the Block comes from wanting to try a different approach to the practice. Previously released projects were mostly made with small format 35mm film cameras which deals with more spontaneity. Product of the Block is a more thought out process. From people I’ve always wanted to have sit down in front of my camera to scenes I really wanted to document but for some reason wasn’t able to get to. When the pandemic first hit, the shelter in place order allowed me the time needed to be fully immersed in such a project.

Dontrius Williams Is a film photographer living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. Much of his work documents people, street scenes and incredibly unique situations through a variety of analog cameras and processes. He is a visual historian exploring and capturing the beauty of the here and now. Often times depicting people, places and residential artists that have energized a contemporary scene in Fort Worth. He captures raw situations alongside beautiful portraits that tell of a city's large demographic and community. All of which will go into his digital and physical history book through social media and self published photo books. 


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