Fumi Nagasaka - Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama

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During the 2016 US Presidential elections Japanese photographer, Fumi Nagasaka, became intrigued by the rural and southern USA. She had lived in New York City for a decade but despite travelling the world, had yet to visit the rest of the US. All this changed when her friend, Tanya Rouse, invited her to her hometown of Dora, Alabama. Nagasaka continued to visit Dora over several years, gradually building a photographic archive of her visits. A selection of these photographs are included in her new book Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama.

‘I can only describe Alabama in three words: family, God and football. Family is everything. It brings a sense of belonging, love, joy and community that keeps us unified. The South is a small, big world where everyone is connected in some way.’ - Diahmin Hawkins

Located northwest of city of Birmingham, Dora is a town of about 2,300 people. Church, college football, and Jack’s —the regional fast food chain— are popular with the town’s residents and Nagasaka was introduced to each on her visits. Although an outsider, Nagasaka gradually built trust and began to photograph the town’s residents. After documenting Dora High School’s homecoming football game Nagasaka’s connections grew exponentially. She found herself immersed in the lives of several Walker County residents and earned both their trust and the opportunity to tell their stories.

Published November 2023
225 x 270 mm portrait
144pp, 75 images
ISBN 978-1-915423-10-8