J.M. Giordano - 13-23

Nighted Life

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How a summer of violence led to a decade of activism.

Baltimore saw a spike in homicides in 2013 from 219 in 2012 to 235 which at the time “defied regional and national trends.” Over that summer and the ones that followed, activists took to the streets to look out for their neighborhoods, where they say the police were ineffectual. Also in 2013, Tyrone West was beaten by police and died at the scene, leading his sister to take on the police department in her family’s name. The activists who created Baltimore Ceasefire and now Baltimore Peace Movement walked through the city streets during the 300 Man March, Moms Demand Action held several rallies and marches, fed up with the city’s gun violence taking their children.  Baltimore Safe Streets knocked on doors and practiced interventions, with outcomes sometimes claiming one of their own. The photos in this book document the city in the sweltering summer of 2013 and follow the activists on the street as they continue trying to curb the city’s gun violence into 2023.

Profits raised will go to Baltimore Peace Movement, an organization enabling community members to support one another, work together, and share resources with the goal of nurturing and expanding joy, love, and peace in Baltimore.

8x9 inches, 140 pages, perfect bound.