Jamie Robertson - Charting the Afriscape of Leon County, Texas

Fifth Wheel

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“My creative practice is an autobiographical examination of my family history. These inherited histories are constantly shifting, evolving as I sort through the living storehouse that is the African Diaspora. The story of an axe that becomes a lightning rod and Bibles opened to Psalms 91 in every room, become more than superstitions. These stories and the images they conjure are the foundations of my work and the beginning of my understanding of the African retentions present within my family. 

The excavation of archives and a growing understanding of African Metaphysics, such as Bântu-Kôngo expressions of the universe through the ideogram Dikenga, inform my art. My immersion in the Diaspora creates a new understanding of the world, thus building a matrix of Africanness and Blackness. The ‘Home Place,’ the land my family has owned for generations, is the site of my creative practice. My family’s collective memory of our Africanisms is a trace that serves as the beginning of reconciliation to ancestral concepts of place, time and the sacred.”