Julie Rae Powers - Deep Ruts

Platanus Editions

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Deep Ruts, a triple entendre alluding to the deep roots of religion, a deer in rut, the ruts of the mind in which our ways of thinking and values carve into our daily lives, is a collection of photographs from Queer Appalachian photographer Julie Rae Powers who uses still images to represent their feeling of outsider status within their family and their own culture. A combination of portraits and landscapes set an isolating, longing stage using Appalachian iconography and self portraits to queer the standard notion of what being Appalachian is.

11.5” X 11.5”

165 plates

250 pages

Cloth bound, foil stamped

Writing by Meredith McCarroll and Kelsey Sucena

Published by Platanus Editions

Spring 2024

Edition of 500