Kata Geibl – There is Nothing New Under the Sun

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“White, muscled bodies, industrialised, eerie cities lit in golden light, and constant references to man’s power over nature, all portrayed in soft, otherworldly pastels and natural lighting. But her photographs’ metaphors nod to the reality coursing through our global market reliance, and are charged with a relatability that holds our gaze.”

— Cat Lachowskyj, The British Journal of Photography

Material abundance is presented as the key to fulfillment. We are meant to believe that with hard work one can get to the top no matter where they start from. An entire generation called the Millennials – which Kata is also part of – grew up with these promises.

‘There is Nothing New Under the Sun’ is Geibl’s first monograph. Carefully planned images are mixed with stream-of-consciousness texts. A poetic approach emerges through allegories, personal short stories and image pairs. The project deals with the rampant individualism that underpins our contemporary social, political, and economic system, and in particular, the environmental impact that it has. Geibl’s aim with the series is not to lecture, or to lay down a strict story, nor to interpret economic issues. She takes the viewer on a journey. There are no clear answers but instead ambiguous questions. Which we have to ask sooner or later as we are not only heirs of the system but also suffer under it.

22 x 27 cm
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