Liss Fenwick - Humpty Doom (Signed)

Bad News Books

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Spanning 20 years, Liss photographs the Larrakia Country
on which their family lives, addressing the inevitable failures
of settling stolen land. “I grew up in a rural district on the
tropical fringe of the “northern territory”, Humpty Doo,
Australia. Haunted by pictures I took as a teenager (some
included in the book) I make photographs of the next
generation of my family growing up in this place.”

Darkly humorous and intimate, with the surrounding
savannah environment, Humpty Doom engages with what
it means to represent what will always be Larrakia land.
The book was edited by the Bad News Books team and
designed by Stuart Geddes.

‘Until I looked at these pages, I had never supposed that a
book might have little need for words.’
Gerald Murnane on Humpty Doom

Designed by Stuart Geddes
112 pages
Offset printed with 67 colour plates
OTA-bound with soft cover
230 × 320 mm
Edition of 500