Mark Steinmetz - Carnival (Signed)


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Signed, First Edition

From 1982-2001 the American photographer Mark Steinmetz travelled to country fairs, urban street carnivals, and small circuses across the United States, to make photographs of the families, teens and carnies that contain all the warmth and frenetic energy of a day at the Carnival. 

“People from all walks of life go to the fair seeking something to transport them from the everyday. Amid the excitement and sounds of the rides and games, I could slip by largely unnoticed and capture gestures and faces.” - Mark Steinmetz 

ISBN — 978-1-913288-04-4
Pages — 148
Images — 91 (Duotone + PMS)
Cover — Hardback, Overprinted Silk Screen, Chopped Boards
Size — 310x 287mm