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"One of the primary motivations for starting ODE was to pay homage, quite literally, to sisterhood and female friendship. Throughout my life, I've been inspired by the power and unity of women, and that admiration continues to grow. The bond and connection that I often witness and experience among women hold significant importance to me. It struck me how this bond is frequently misrepresented in popular media as 'toxic', dramatic, or hostile, and at times, female friendship is overlooked altogether.

"In response, I set out to create a photographic narrative that would present a different perspective on friendship, while maintaining authenticity. I photographed numerous pairs of best friends, mostly in public space, aiming to explore the essence of their connections through portraiture, body language and movement."

The Book
• Hardcover casebound in yellow cloth
• Four images inlaid on the front cover
• Large foil embossed title on the back cover
• 152 pages on a soft silk paper