Morten Eriksen - Natural Surroundings

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"Natural Surroundings started out as a documentation of the landscape in my local surroundings. During the process, I noticed that the photographs was telling something about me. They were expressing a feeling I have had for as long as I can remember.

In April 2021 that feeling changed when my daughter was born. I suddenly felt different.I felt close to another human being"

- Morten Eriksen 

First edition 2023

Published by K.E Books 

Limited to 375 copies, all numbered and signed 

146 pages

Photography: Morten Eriksen

Edited by: Morten Eriksen and Mads Greve 

Design: Sara Kamilla Thøsing 

Production: Søren Hørdum 

Post production: Damgaard Grafisk 

Printed in Latvia