Outs: Artist Box Set and Book

Skylark Editions

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For this publication, the editors of SKYLARK EDITIONS asked 70 artists to provide us with a photograph which didn’t fit into any of their projects, their OUT, but remained compelling for them nonetheless. Using the 1978 text Brief Notes on the Art and Manner of Arranging One’s Books by George Perec, publishing partner and book designer Hans Gremmen of Fw:Books embraced the challenge of sequencing these 70 disparate images resulting in a truly unique object. The images included in OUTS create new relationship pairings that are printed using silver ink on black paper, an ode to honoring these outliers. With the addition of all 72 images as artist cards, we have created an object that is both constructed and infinitely changeable all housed inside a custom box.


Every {edit} answers a twofold need, which is often also a twofold obsession: that of conserving certain objects ({photographs}) and that of organizing them in certain ways.- George Perec

10.75X8.75X1 inch box
72 4.5X6 inch individual artist cards

72 Images

136 pages

9.25 x 6.75 inches

Edition of 500