Rich-Joseph Facun - Little Cities

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In his second monograph, Little Cities, Rich-Joseph Facun guides viewers on a meandering meditation through Southeastern Ohio by depicting the vernacular post-industrial landscape. In their quiet formality, the images call to mind past dreams, present disillusionment, and gently nudge us to look beyond what can be seen on the surface. Through recurring motifs, Facun excavates remaining signs of the Indigenous communities who once called this region home. In mankind’s hubris, we want to believe we shape the land we live on. Facun’s photographs remind us that the landscape contains memory, and it is witness to our misdeeds.


59 color photographs

1 Vintage photograph
Essay by Rich-Joseph Facun
Hardcover, sewn binding, cloth square spine, black colored frey board
Printed on uncoated archival paper
Hardcover, 7.5 x 9.25 inches
128 pages
First Edition of 500
Printed by ODDI
ISBN 978-1-7358143-5-3