Robbie Spotswood - I Just Want To Stay Home

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As the title would suggest, the images that fill this book were almost exclusively made inside. Most were taken inside the house of Robbie’s Grandmother – sadly both prior to and following her passing. Others were taken in the confines of familiar houses, and here we see cousins, aunties, and those whose blood binds them close to us. By documenting these intimate moments Robbie records the emotions that both an individual, and a family are forced to confront whilst dealing with the loss of a family member. 

Photographs of skin, light, and textured materials fill much of this wonderful
book, creating a body of work that is noticeably tactile. As the work moves between London and Accra, it confronts the complex range of emotions Robbie was experiencing: grieving, whilst having family split between distant countries had left Robbie somewhat adrift, yet this perspective only heightened his ability to create sensory images. The book itself is made up of an uncoated matt paper which is purposefully soft, but not smooth, this paired with a textured cover makes for an object that can be felt as it is read, an embossed cover image also contributes to the effect.

21 x 28 cm

300gsm wild clay

120gsm uncoated paper

PUR bound

edition of 75