Salih Basheer - 22 Days in Between

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In this photobook, Salih Basheer collects the few memories he has of his parents, who passed away when he was three years old. These memories, seen from a child’s perspective are presented in a mix of images, writing, self-portraits and drawings, as fragments of a lost childhood. The book is Salih’s visual process of learning more about his parents and himself and serves as a method of healing from a personal trauma.

I have only a few memories of my parents. I remember I was once with my mother in our house yard, and I was horrified by the noise of an airplane flying low spraying insecticide. I was trying to hide in my mother’s arms. I also remember I was once with my father as he was driving us in his white Fiat to the mosque for the Tarawih prayer. It was Ramadan and I went with my mother to the women’s section on the second floor to enjoy watching the prayers from above. – From the preface by Salih Basheer

  • Pocket-sized linen-bound hardback with tipped-in image
  • 11,5 × 16 cm
  • 112 pages
  • 46 monochrome and colour plates
  • Text by Salih Basheer
  • Language: English and Arabic
  • Edition of 700
  • ISBN 978-87-973526-3-2