Scattered Pictures Zine Box Set

Self Published

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Scattered Pictures zine box set is just scratching the surface of the archives of 15 photographers who reigned in the late 90’s to early 2000’s skateboarding. These are images found on a hard drive then compiled into 15 zines. These collective memories linger, float in history, rich and heavy before drifting away but are easily brought back as your eyes focus on a savory photographic stew. 

15, 20 to 28 page 6.5 x 4.5 black & white xerox zines in a box by:

Joe Brook 
Tobin Yelland 
Lance Dalgart 
Dennis McGrath
Brendan Klein 
Lance Dawes
Jon Humphries 
Mark Whiteley 
Thomas Campbell 
Gabriel Friedman 
Ed Templeton 
Jerry Hsu
Patrick O’Dell
Theo Hand
Mark Waters

Design & production by Jai Tanju
Published by Seeing Things Press 2021
Edition of 200