Taylor Galloway & Adam Ianniello - 37.2431° N, 115.7930° W

Smog Press

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37.2431° N, 115.7930° W is a collection of photographs taken in and around Rachel, Nevada. A small town situated along the extraterrestrial highway, on the edge of Area 51. During the fall of 2020, Galloway and Ianniello made a pilgrimage to the town. A sojourn at the Little A’Le’Inn, an alien-themed trailer motel. 

Surveying the edges of the military base and the community of alien culture that surrounds it, both photographers worked in tandem. Galloway working in color, meditating on the vastness of the intersection of land and sky once occupied by Newe tribe, now black sites for military testing. Ianniello working in black and white, taking a forensic passage through martian clues left behind.

Collaborating with designer Nick Massarelli to bridge the two stories as one, the book is divided into two echoed sections flipped upon each other.