The Archive of Bernard Taylor


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In his preface, filmmaker Peter Ward describes acquiring the archive of Bernard Taylor, an enigmatic former resident of his suburban New York village. Ward selected and edited this group of Taylor’s papers: intimate worksheets that combine a series of photographs, maps, and postcards with illusive short texts that were clearly created for Taylor’s private study. Ward’s editorial interjections – all relating to local history – punctuate the book, and blur distinctions between fiction, biography, and reportage.

An afterword by The Publisher contextualizes Taylor’s worksheets, critically re-examines Ward's editorial practices, and describes the agonizing process of preparing this edition.

The Archive is equal parts photographic narrative, fiction, puzzle and mystery – an obstructed view of an inward journey that explores the outside world. The questions and answers remain with the reader to piece together.

10 x 8 inches. 144 pages. 80 duotone photographs; with maps, postcards, and other illustrations. Hardcover with tipped-in image. Printed on 170g/m2 Symbol Tatami and bound by optimal media, Germany.