The Garden of Dreams

Black Flower Publishing

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The Garden of Dreams, Black Flower’s second group volume, is a creative exploration on dreaming by 75 artists. Building off of The Promise of Spring, as a longing for something, The Garden of Dreams explores the deep unconscious space of dreams and visions. Artists were asked to submit visual and literary art that they made in conversation with their night-time dreams or waking visions. As you flip through its pages, a mysterious dive into the human unconscious emerges that tells of longings for home, remembrances of childhood, fearful visions of shadow, and glimpses of the divine.

Artists Included:

Sasha Bazhenova-Dynkha, Petr Laptin, Jacqueline Suskin, Dean Sampson, Anne Immelé, Serious Mae, Pierre Mohamed-Petit, Kellyann Petry, Isa Rus, Yana Kuzu, Aubrey Jo Blue, Maxim Voloshin, Ilya Nikitin, Olha Vorobiova, Jill Bemis, Linda C. Moore, Kasia Murfet, Jesse Ly, Arturo Perez De Ita, F. Jake Fiolek III, Jake Varker, Ky Smiley, Andrew Vogelpohl, Kellan Smith, Chelsea Welsh, Giacomo Alberico, Cecilia Mignon, Nathan Hirschler, Tauri Angelica Alonso, Joshua Berg, João SalgueiroBaptista, Giulia Degasperi, Meleah Moore, Donny Smith, Cristóbal Pereira, Heiner L. Beisert, Pablo Mejia, Elio Theodor Godmann, W.C. Perry, Alejandra Vacuii, Ryan Hartley, Amber Elison, Ashley  McElroy, Alison Nesbitt Chavez, Nina Kerr, Meredith Wiper, Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve, Ben Osborne, Jenny Magruder, Sean Peeters, Emery W. Sanderson, Paul L. McAllister, Evgeniya Parfenova, Ida Chloë Lou Olsen, Julie Rae Powers, Clàudia Serraïma, Grace Tyson,, Brandon Mackenzie, Patrick O’Byrne, Aleksei Eruslanov, Madison Speyer, Gabrielle Hall-Lomax, Raymond Hagewoud, Gene Deubler, Boris Snauwaert, Cinzia Laliscia, Jarrod Priestley, Alexandra Riba, Henry Head, Tatiana Porter, Zosia Szymanowska, Amadea Villanueva, Anastasia Pagonas, Devin Blaskovich, and Peter Dubinski.

Edition of 250
75 Artists
Perfect Bound
Natural Matte Stock Paper
150 Pages of Curated and Sequenced Photographs and Poetic Writings
Embossed Linen Cover
Cover Art by Cecilia Mignon