Upstreams Deadfalls

Deadfall Press

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“this is not about faith. this is about the leap. this is about photography as much as it’s about a piece of driftwood being the same shape as a wing. about shadow animals and birds that blind. about indifferent light. this is about streaming upward. about bending down and holding on to the dirt. about interconnection. about hoof drawn earth. this is about the eyes at the end of the road. about the still. about the moths in the locked house, the life left in pictures.”

featuring photographs by — Joselito Verschaeve, Kyle Ross, Dylan Hausthor, Jared Ragland, Madison Speyer, Boris Snauwaert, Kalie Krause, Bastien Communi, Kōan Brink, Brian Lau, Will Sharp, Josh Chaney, William Lalonde, Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, Casey Bennett, Rosemary Haynes, Patrick Carew, Austin Cullen, Peter Dubinski, Raymond Hagewoud, Gene Deubler, Rachel Bower, Niall Lüdecke, Lily Hobart, Mitchell Vandyke


80 pages

7 x 9”

risograph prints

edition of 100 copies